Landschapsbeheer Nederland Samen voor ons landschap

Landscape Management Netherlands

Looking after our landscape together

Landscape Management Netherlands is an alliance between 12 provincial landscape management organizations aiming at conserving and developing the landscape in which we live, work and enjoy ourselves in many different ways. Our landscape needs to be managed along sustainable lines so that we can enjoy it both now and long into the future. Landscape Management Netherlands pursues this goal by working together with individuals, organizations, companies and government bodies, through projects and through lobbying.

We are deeply concerned about the quality of our landscape. We want to see nature and landscapes properly protected by Dutch law and through bylaws. We work towards this goal by lobbying and seeking to influence policy at both provincial and national level.

Landscape Management Netherlands does not own any land of its own and usually works on land belonging to private individuals and farmers. We encourage people to work on their landscapes themselves and provide support in the form of knowledge, training and advice. Not to mention simple practical help: supplying tools. There is tremendous commitment in the organization, with over 60,000 enthusiastic volunteers working with us to maintain and develop our landscape!